Monday, April 9, 2018

How to Activate Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus is always a step ahead of its competitors. Norton received two awards for its outstanding security measures by AV-Test group. Norton is available for PC, Mac and mobile devices. The antivirus comes in different variants. Let’s see how to activate Norton Antivirus after you’ve bought one.

1) The first step to do is to locate the product key. Users have the option to buy it online and offline. If you bought offline in shop then product key lies on the back of CD printed on sticker. 
2) If users got the antivirus online then the product key lies in confirmation e-mail.
3) Open Norton Antivirus in your system.
4) Since you’re not registered yet, the software will be working under trial version.
5) Find for the option “Subscription status” and click on Renew button.
6) Click on “I have a key code to enter”.
7) You will be provided with text box to enter your code.
8) After entering the code, proceed to next step.
9) Antivirus will now connect to server and checks if the code is correct.
10) After successful verification, antivirus gives the message “Activation and Registration Complete.”
11) Based on your selected plan, duration will be allotted which can be observed next to Subscription status.

By following the above procedure, Norton Antivirus will be activated. Norton Antivirus comes in 4 variants and is as follows.

1) Norton Security Basic
2) Norton Security Standard
3) Norton Security Deluxe
4) Norton Security Premium

Features vary with the package. A user can use them for free under trial version for 30 days. Let’s discuss each package so that you can choose based on your requirement. Experts are always at your service and users can call Norton Tech Support Phone Number to eliminate viruses and malware from your PC’s. 

Norton Security Basic:

1) Norton Security Basic is recommended for 1 PC.
2) It protects your system against virus, malware, ransomware and other threats.
3) Antivirus protects your personal information from online threats.

Norton Security Standard:

1) By selecting Norton Security Standard package, users can install Norton on 1 PC and mobile or 1 Mac and Mobile.
2) Real time protection enabled to block virus and malware before entering the system.
3) Norton provides you 100% guarantee regarding security and full refund is issued if users lost personal data because of virus attacks.

Norton Security Deluxe:

1) Norton Security Deluxe package is recommended if users have multiple PC’s/mobiles and tablets. Up to 5 PCs, smart phones, Macs can be installed with Norton under this package.
2) Real time protection to defend against viruses and malware.
3) Norton app in Android and IOS warns the user before installing suspicious apps.
4) Scans whole device for virus, other harmful files and deletes them before the apps damage your smart phone.
5) Experts are always available to get in touch in case of malicious virus attacks in Smart phones as well as PCs and Mac.
6) Failing to protect your data, full refund is given to user.

Norton Security Premium:

1) Norton Security Premium package protects up to 10 PC’s, Mac’s, Android and IOS devices under one subscription. 
2) Real time protection securing your devices all the time.
3) 25 GB of PC cloud backup is given in this package.
4) Experts are available for solving your issues with virus and malware.
5) Failing to protect and unable to recover the data, full refund is issued back to user.

Based on the requirement, users can pick the package. Users can call Norton Phone Number and Norton Customer Service Number for general queries. You can approach Norton Support Phone Number if you have experienced suspicious virus and malware activities in PC.

Norton Support Number

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